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Is a leading developer of 2D games, dedicated to promoting Zambian story telling and commitment to cultural preservations, we create engaging games that celebrate the rich heritage and traditions of Zambia.

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Clear Skies

Welcome to the ultimate bubble-popping adventure in Clear Skies 3D - Bubble Pop! Immerse yourself in an exhilarating 3D first-person perspective as you embark on a thrilling journey through a world bursting with colorful bubbles.

Letter Loop

Letter Loop is an engaging game available on the store that puts your word association skills to the test. Spin the wheel and match images to words from around the world.

Inshimu Two

Our Inshimu Villa is under attack by Sap Obstacles. They have wreaked havoc and caused destruction all around! The Bee Team is waiting for your orders. Please command the Stinger Cannons to protect Inshimu and engage in endless shooting to overcome these Sap Obstacles.

Zambia's Number One Game Developers.

Driven by our passion for storytelling, we craft immersive gaming experiences that celebrate the diverse tapestry of Zambian traditions. From ancient folklore to modern-day legends, each game is a testament to our unwavering commitment to cultural preservation.

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Jampass Home is the inaugural version of the Jampass subscription service, designed to provide users with exclusive access to games developed by GECO Games LTD, the company behind the Jampass platform.

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Welcome to our game development company merchandise store! 🎮 Browse through our curated selection of shirts, caps, books, and more, all inspired by your favorite games. Show off your passion for gaming with our stylish apparel and accessories.

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